AAPEX 2023: Plews & Edelmann Offers The Total Solution

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Tony Edwards, Vice President, Business Development, Plews & Edelmann, with the Cadillac DTS Total Solution, at AAPEX 2023. Photo Huw Evans

When replacing a power steering system, things can get complicated, since it is often difficult to get every single component from just one supplier. 

At Plews & Edelmann however, a relentless focus on being The Total Solution has led to the creation of complete Power Steering systems for specific vehicles.

At AAPEX 2023, Tony Edwards, Vice President, Business Development at Plews & Edelmann, demonstrated this concept to Autosphere, showing us a complete system for a late-model Cadillac DTS.

“Everything you see here, from the return line to the rack and the filter is designed and manufactured by us and is enhanced over the original OE item,” he said during our visit to the booth. These complete replacement systems work well for heavy-duty cycles, for fleet customers and even for consumers who just want a quality and reliable replacement power steering system for their vehicle. As electronic power-assisted steering (ePAS) becomes more prevalent at the OE level, Plews & Edelmann is meeting the needs of the aftermarket as these vehicles age and require replacement parts.

Currently, it can be very expensive to diagnose and replace ePAS systems, which is why Plews & Edelmann has developed specific repair kits and step-by-step videos that show technicians how to diagnose and fix the problem. The end result can save hours of time and thousands in repair costs, creating a win-win situation for the service centre and the customer.



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