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As a Foundation for children and youth, H5s4ks is committed to creating brighter futures by giving them the tools, opportunities, and support they need. Photo Artem Kniaz / Unsplash

Raymond Proulx, Chairman of the High Five for Kids Foundation has let us know that with the ‘Chairman’s Challenge’ for donations, he is pleased to inform us that after only 30 days $15,490.60 has already been raised!

This is great news, but this Foundation for Kids needs additional monies to really aid the many children on their list that are in need.

Please help! Jump on the Chairman’s Challenge bandwagon and support High Five for Kids with a generous donation. You can easily contribute to this Foundation through their donation portal.

As Ray says, “We kindly ask that if you have any means in your annual budget to please support our Foundation. Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. We would like to thank all those who participated in the Challenge last year and hope to have your continued support.”

Please support High Five for Kids… children are counting on you.


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