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Victor Reinz Reinzoil. PHOTO Victor Reinz

Dana Incorporated has made its industry-leading Victor Reinz Reinzosil room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone available for ordering at DanaProParts.com, the new e-commerce site for enthusiasts looking to upgrade their customized vehicles.

“Performance enthusiasts now have direct-order access to Reinzosil, the premier RTV silicone from Victor Reinz, one of the world’s leading experts and manufacturers of gasket and sealing technology,” said Bill Nunnery, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Global Aftermarket, Dana. “DanaProParts.com has become a go-to site for members of the performance enthusiast community because it is easy to use and lets them search quickly for the Dana products they need to upgrade their customized vehicles.” 

Streamlined for easy navigation, DanaProParts.com lets visitors quickly locate products using year, make, and model or browse by product category. If the specific part is not found, visitors can complete an online form to make a special request.  

The cutting-edge aftermarket e-commerce site now offers Reinzosil sealant in one shop-size tube that can take the place of more than a dozen RTV varieties. Resistant to fluids, including mineral oils and synthetic oils, lubricants, gasoline, diesel oil, greases, water, and detergents, Reinzosil sealant is safe for all sensors. Available in 70 millilitre tubes, it is ideal for use on two-dimensional flat surfaces where there is a sealing gap, such as gasket intersections and components originally sealed with RTV by the manufacturer, including intake manifolds, valve covers, and oil pans. 

To learn more about the features and benefits of Reinzosil RTV sealant (#70-31414-10), visit victorreinz.us/products/reinzosil-rtv-silicone. To order Victor Reinz Reinzosil RTV silicone online, visit DanaProParts.com.



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