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ReadyShaft Program Simplifies Driveshaft Ordering. PHOTO Dana Incorporated

Dana Incorporated has streamlined aftermarket driveshaft ordering with a smart part numbering system for its Spicer ReadyShaft program.  

With more than 10,000 part numbers for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the Spicer ReadyShaft program provides next-day shipping of ready-to-install, premium-quality Spicer driveshafts. The user-friendly part number system simply adds an “R” suffix to the standard part number for quick and easy identification. For example, if 170SC55012C is the standard driveshaft assembly part number, the Spicer ReadyShaft driveshaft assembly number is 170SC55012CR.

The seamless ordering process allows customers to place Spicer ReadyShaft orders in multiple ways, including through DanaAftermarket.com, the application programming interface (API) and electronic data interchange (EDI).

Built to order

Spicer ReadyShaft driveshafts are built to order with genuine Spicer component parts and each comes with a two-year limited warranty. Spicer ReadyShaft driveshafts arrive painted and pre-greased for easy installation. They are shipped in custom cardboard tubing, specially designed for added protection and freight carrier flexibility, so the shipment can arrive quickly and safely. Shipping is prepaid as part of every Spicer ReadyShaft order.

“When a commercial vehicle is down, fleet managers need a fast-turnaround driveshaft solution,” said Bill Nunnery, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Global Aftermarket for Dana. “Dana delivers with the Spicer ReadyShaft program. By providing easy ordering and quick delivery of built-to-order, fully assembled driveshafts, Spicer ReadyShaft can save them valuable time and eliminate the cost of stocking replacement driveshafts and accessories.”

The Spicer ReadyShaft and Spicer ReadyPack programs are part of Dana’s strategic initiative to drive uptime through next day services that help customers accelerate vehicle service times and efficiently manage inventory. To learn more, contact a Dana sales representative or visit www.SpicerParts.com and www.DanaAftermarket.com.



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