Dana’s Spicer Electrified Motor & Inverter System to Power New Ultra4 EV Race Series

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KOH Hypercraft x Dana RR. PHOTO Dana Incorporated

Dana Incorporated announced that its Spicer Electrified motor and inverter system will be featured on the custom performance vehicles competing in the new Ultra4 electrified vehicle (EV) racing series—the King of the Hammers event held Jan. 27 to Feb. 5 in Johnson Valley, California.

“Dana has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing electrified vehicle powertrains for trucks and off-road vehicles, making partnering with the Ultra4 racing series an excellent showcase for our products,” said Seth Metzger, Senior Vice President of Electrification for Dana. “This program raises awareness of the unique capabilities of electrification and provides an opportunity to inspire the next generation of enthusiasts, racers, and engineers as electric vehicles become more attainable for everyone.

“As a leading supplier in the light-vehicle-truck market, Dana developed the powerful Spicer Electrified TM4 SUMO LD motor and inverter system to be durable and tough. It is ideal for the rugged off-road vehicles that will compete in this exciting new series,” continued Metzger. “Together with our integration partner Hypercraft, we are looking forward to the chance to showcase how well electrification performs in the extreme conditions that Ultra4 Racing presents.”

With the TM4 SUMO LD system, vehicles can reach peak power of up to 270 kW, peak torque of up to 950 Nm, and operating speed up to 8,600 RPM. Designed and validated as per axle mount requirements, the TM4 SUMO LD system also offers seamless integration into Dana axles. The system is designed to interface directly with standard rear differentials, and/or gearboxes, and/or e-axles and consists of multiple high torque permanent magnet motor and inverter combinations that offer cost-effective solutions to vehicle electrification.

For the Ultra4 racing series, Dana joined forces with integration partner Hypercraft, an electric vehicle industry supplier of complete, turn-key electric vehicle powertrain systems for manufacturers of high-performance vehicles. Their mission is to show the world that electric vehicle technology is viable today, eliminating pollution, noise, and maintenance costs associated with gas-powered engines.


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