Auto Value Truck Parts & All-Pro Truck Parts Officially Debut at HDAW

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HDAW sees Auto Value Truck Parts and All-Pro Truck Parts Debut. PHOTO Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance debuted the Alliance Commercial Vehicle and Heavy-Duty program during the January 24 – 27th HDAW event in Grapevine, TX. Alliance CVHD members go to market as Auto Value Truck Parts and All-Pro Truck Parts.

“With the existing distribution network of the Auto Value and All Pro Truck Parts as well as the strength of partnerships with product manufacturers and channel partners, debuting an official program for our members as well as new distributors looking for new program group opportunities at HDAW made a lot of sense,” said John R. Washbish, President & CEO of the Alliance, “This was a great event for us to raise our flags, shake some hands, and continue to build these industry relations.”

The focus of the Alliance CVHD program starts with unparalleled technology with a suite of IT tools related to inventory analysis, category management, distribution efficiencies and ecommerce. Marketing and sales resources include the addition of Ron Fleischhacker, Field Sales Manager, Heavy Duty who offers decades of industry experience and training for sales teams.

National Auto Parts Warehouse, was one of the first to adopt the Auto Value Truck Parts brand across North America.

“NPW became involved in Heavy Duty thru acquisition back in 2017.” Said Chris Pacey, Executive Vice President and COO of NPW. “We really felt more comfortable with the Alliance establishing a heavy-duty program which allows us the tools and category management needed to manage the heavy-duty lines. The integration of the heavy-duty programs into the Alliance brings the data forms all together in one location for our sales and product team members.”

Those interested in more information or for specific program details and membership should contact Ron Fleischhacker at: [email protected] or visit www.truckservicecenters.com.



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