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AIA’s High Five for Kids Foundation. PHOTO AIA High Fives for Kids

Ray Proulx, Chair of the AIA High Fives for Kids Foundation, is proud to announce this year’s recipients.

The following Arthur Paulin Scholarship candidates will be receiving funds from the H5s Foundation this year: Ayan Haqqani; Myungjin Choo; Morganna Sampson; Nicolai Paladi; Gregor Dayman; Madhavkumar Mendapara and Gedeon Ouedraogo Wendfanre. Each will receive $700.00 toward their careers in the automotive aftermarket. Congratulations to all!

The mandate of the AIA High Fives for Kids is a commitment to youth, and to award scholarships to recognize their achievements in education and in their communities. In fact, giving back is what matters! The Foundation has four different scholarships available—Foundation Scholarship; Arthur Paulin Scholarship; The University of the Aftermarket Foundation Scholarship and the AIA Canada Divisions Scholarship.

To find out more about these available scholarships, please go to aiahighfivesforkids.ca.


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