AAPEX 2021 : Schaeffler Understands Technicians

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Schaeffler's Michael Cargill explained how its expertise with automotive manufacturers benefits aftermarket shops. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

Whether it’s suspension and steering parts, transmission parts or engine parts, Schaeffler brings the expertise it has developed with OEMs to the aftermarket.

Michael Cargill, Product Manager at Schaeffler, welcomed Autosphere to his booth during the AAPEX show in Las Vegas.

Cargill explained that the parts manufacturer has a long history of working closely with automakers.

“We understand the automobile from the moment it is designed, and we can share that expertise with our aftermarket shops. For example, we’ve made 3,000 OEM parts available directly to the aftermarket. And those parts, we accompany them with all the accessories needed to install them.”

The company is well-positioned to spot parts that need improvement after they’ve been released on new cars and then make the adjustments.

Sometimes it adds value, as in the case of its timing chains, which now come with a tube of Liqui Moly lubricant specifically designed to protect this important part during its break-in period.

The company also markets LuK parts for clutches. As Cargill points out these are new parts, not built from recycled parts, as is often seen.

“It’s hard to get all the precision you need,” he says. “Going with new means achieving the quality of the original part.”



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