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Exploring the Artic KYB Style. PHOTO KYB

KYB has supported an epic Arctic challenge to the “Pole of Cold”, where the team was the first in the world to ever reach the remote New Siberian Islands by automobile.

The team was led by Toyota ambassador Bogdan Bulychev.

12,500 miles in harsh conditions, was the total route, nearly over 4,000 of which were off-road and included driving over the frozen Arctic Ocean.

The drive began in January and finished in May with the route covering Yakutia – Pole of Cold – Kolyma – Magadan – Kamchatka – Chukotka.

Two vehicles used were a Toyota Hilux and a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150.

The average temperature was -58ºF with the lowest recorded at -80ºF.

Both SUVs were highly modified for driving in extreme conditions, with 38-inch wheels, LED lighting, thermal insulation and double-glazed glass.

Additional heaters were installed on both engines, a thermal blanket on top and insulating boxes covering the radiators.

Oversized fuel tanks allowed the vehicles to run non-stop for up to 10 days.

The expedition vehicles were equipped with KYB shock absorbers designed for maximum control and durability in extreme off-road conditions.

The technical solutions used in the shock absorbers allowed the internal temperature to stabilize during operation, reducing the likelihood of fluid foaming and reducing internal stresses.

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