MAHLE Video Warehouse Includes Oil Filter Instructional Video Series

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An example of what you will see on the Video Warehouse. PHOTO MAHLE

MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. recently added a new, six-part video series to the MAHLE Aftermarket Video Warehouse.

The instructional videos cover common challenges and solutions related to proper spin-on oil filter installation and provide an overview on the internal components that impact overall engine performance and efficiency.

“We have a long history in the filter industry and recognized early on how important optimally functioning filters are for the circulation of engine air and fluids,” said Ted Hughes, Director of Marketing, MAHLE Aftermarket North America.

“The goal of this new six-part series is to use our extensive product knowledge to provide valuable information specific to spin-on oil filters that help our customers deliver high-grade engine performance.”

In the latest six-part video series, Tim Golema, Senior MAHLE Training Manager, delves into the features, benefits, and components of MAHLE oil filters, and further explores extended oil change service cycles, and how MAHLE Aftermarket spin-on oil filters are designed for optimal functionality with both conventional and synthetic motor oil.

To access the MAHLE Aftermarket Video Warehouse, click here.

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