Elgin’s O.E. Lifter & Guide Assemblies for GM LS Engines

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Lifter and Guide Assemblies. PHOTO Elgin Industries

Elgin Industries has introduced Elgin PRO-STOCK  genuine original equipment valve lifter and guide assemblies for General Motors LS Series engines equipped with Active Fuel Management technology. 

Available now through leading engine parts distributors, these pre-assembled sets (#HLG-7011FRA) feature the same parts offered by GM, including two each of the AFM-equipped engine’s front and rear guides and lifters.

All parts are marked for fast, easy installation.

Please note, these sets should not be used with GM engines equipped with Dynamic Fuel Management, or Dynamic Skip Fire, technology.

AFM technology, formerly known as Displacement on Demand, utilizes a valve lifter oil manifold (VLOM) to deactivate the intake and exhaust valve lifters on cylinders 1, 4, 6 and 7 for increased fuel economy under certain operating conditions.

The lifters used on these cylinders are taller and feature special oil holes.

It is important that new guides be used when changing lifters due to degradation of the guides’ polymer material.

Engine builders and performance enthusiasts worldwide rely on Elgin PRO-STOCK high-performance components.

From complete power-adding valvetrain packages to an impressive lineup of race-winning parts for GM LS Series engines and BLACK ICE super-cryogenically enhanced parts, Elgin PRO-STOCK offers a proven path to unforgettable performance.



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