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IMB’s Wheel Visualizer is a cutting-edge e-commerce tool decided to help aftermarket shops, boost their online presence and user experience. PHOTO In Motion Brands

A new cutting-edge e-commerce tool aims to help aftermarket dealers elevate the customer experience.

For aftermarket service providers that offer wheel and tire installations, In Motion Brands (IMB), has introduced a new product, designed to elevate the e-commerce experience.

The Wheel Visualizer is an online, cutting-edge virtual tool that allows consumers to select different wheel combinations and see how they will transform the look of their vehicle, straight from their mobile device or computer. The tool provides multiple angle viewing using AR and VR of both the vehicle and wheels—delivering optimal accuracy and visualization.

Full tracking and reporting

With thousands of wheel brands and designs available at the click of a button, and seamless integration to an existing wheel and tire dealer’s website, the Wheel Visualizer also provides full tracking and reporting on the back end, allowing shop owners to gain a real understanding into exactly the product their customers are looking for.

According to Todd Richardson, Co-Founder & CEO of IMB, the Wheel Visualizer addresses a core need in the automotive aftermarket, namely that businesses be a part of exploding e-commerce growth.

“IMB’s purpose is to create value and enhance lives. We are giving the independent automotive dealers the ability to leverage their physical presence and extend their showroom digitally to take a leadership position in their market instead of a back seat” said Richardson.

“Other industries have adopted best-in-class e-commerce, now, with solutions such as the Wheel Visualizer, it’s time for the Aftermarket.”


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