AAPEX 2020: Schrader’s Guide to TPMS

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Get Schrader free TPMS training. Photo: Schrader

During the virtual AAPEX show, Schrader hosted seven live technical educational sessions.

The idea behind all these sessions was TPMS Tech Talk! The information presented was to inform, educate and initiate open conversations with service technicians through connecting with Schrader’s TPMS experts. These sessions were focused and designed by Technical Team Leader, Yanick Leduc.

If you were not able to take in all these sessions, we have another great solution for you re TPMS, information and training. Did you know that Schrader also offers the TPMS Academy? On their easily accessed website you can get into their TPMS e-Training Course; check out In the Bay with Schrader Video Series—a deeper look at the crucial steps to TPMS service, and be educated on ‘What is TPMS and How Does TPMS Work’—as not all TPMS systems are created equal!

The TPMS Academy was just launched this March and has proved to be very successful in that short a time… in fact approximately 4,000 interested professionals have taken the course! And Schrader is going to continue to change and grow this program in order to help technicians do their job correctly and to keep up with any changes and technology that is to come. As they say, it’s the ultimate guide to TPMS training.

TPMS e-Training

During the free e-Training Course, it will walk you, as a service professional, through five modules of TPMS knowledge and training: the basics of TPMS service;
North American TPMS legislation; TPMS sensor types and their functionality; installation and removal of best practices, and sensor programming and relearning procedures. For instance, did you know that if you catch a TPMS sensor installed on the tire rim by the sidewall, the sensor body or the value stem could get damaged?

You can watch the videos presented that show you how to service TPMS and then learn more about how TPMS works. The Schrader Academy is your ultimate guide to TPMS Training… so take advantage of this free service. Go to the website www.TPMSAcademy.com and register.

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