AAPEX 2020: Exclusives for Castrol

Wakefield's new handy buckets make it easy to manage your motor oil inventory. Photo: Wakefield Canada

Wakefield Canada, which markets Castrol branded lubricants, introduced a brand new solution for local shops at the virtual AAPEX show.

The innovative concept is to offer 18.9-litre pails of lubricants exclusively to Canadian shops to give them all the flexibility they require to more easily manage their inventory.

As the company explains, as engine oil grades and specifications develop and evolve, shops need to modify their processes to keep pace with these changes. To meet the needs of new vehicles on the road, shops need to maintain an inventory of many different grades of oil. In the past, a few grades were sufficient. Faced with this new reality, combined with the need to be more efficient in today’s business environment, Wakefield Canada has developed a new solution: offering Castrol EDGE, Castrol GTX MAGNATEC and Castrol Transmax fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid in convenient 18.9 liter pails. What’s more, the company offers an innovative way to dispense the liquids from these pails.

A solution for 80% of the fleet

This mobile shelf can accept six buckets. Photo: Wakefield Canada

Shops can now keep an inventory of pails of seven varieties of engine oil and transmission fluid more easily, servicing more than 80 percent of the vehicles on the road in Canada.  Shannon Spano, Vice President, Sales, Wakefield Canada says, “Shops need to be competitive and efficient to make a profit, especially given this year’s challenges. We have adapted our product offering by adding buckets to help our customers store, manage and distribute their inventory more efficiently. »

The bucket solution includes reusable dispensing taps to easily pour liquids without damage with a fast and constant flow. Once empty, the buckets can be recycled, or used for other purposes in the workshop, such as holding absorbent products or antifreeze.

Wakefield also offers a professional-looking pail shelf that holds six pails and six pouring cans for efficient, hands-free dispensing. Designed to be mobile, the shelf has wheels for easy movement and displacement, even when the shelf is full.

A mobile shelf

The combination of buckets and shelf is designed to facilitate efficient motor oil inventory management, improve productivity and increase profit margins. This means that our customers can order the right product and packaging format to meet their specific customer needs,” says Spano. This means they can optimize their business and maximize their profits. »

Like other Wakefield business solutions such as Think Tank and Wakefield Oil Genius, the Wakefield Bucket Shelf is designed to enable shop owners to operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

You can view a short video outlining the benefits of this solution below.


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