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New Epoxies from Permatex. Photo: Permatex

Permatex launched a new series of advanced epoxy adhesives.

Designed as a two-part adhesive and filler system to help customers make better and easier repairs in a wide range of automotive, marine, and general purpose home applications, Permatex’s core epoxy line carries a solution for all jobs.

In this core epoxy line, Permatex employed several key innovations :

  • Permatex 1 Minute and 5 Minute Gel Epoxies feature a no drip gel formula for easy, mess-free application and a blue dye indicator visibly indicating when the epoxy is properly mixed and ready for use.
  • Permatex 500° High Heat withstands twice the temperature range of standard epoxies; it’s the first and only high temperature liquid epoxy in a syringe.
  • Permatex Cellulose Wood Epoxy is the only wood epoxy incorporating cellulose to deliver the strength, colour, and behavior of natural wood.
  • Wide choices are available for differentiated uses and substrate specific applications.

Eric Seibold, Sr. Product and Innovations Manager, Permatex, noted, “Our epoxy formulations represent a focused approach to making our epoxies work better and ensuring they are easier to use. We conducted research with customers and recognized the need for new solutions to address common issues faced by users. For example, we added the blue dye indicator in our gel formulas to eliminate the guesswork in mixing, so the user would know exactly when the epoxy was ready to use.”

In addition to a ‘No Drip Formula’ and blue dye indicator, Permatex 1 Minute and 5 Minute Gel Epoxies are designed to work on a wide range of metal, hard plastics, ceramics, and rubber. They require no clamping and deliver a holding strength of 2500 PSI and 3400 PSI, respectively.

Permatex 2 Ton Epoxy high strength epoxy permanently bonds ceramics, fibreglass, metal, and concrete to a tensile strength of up to 4000 PSI and is resistant to salt solution, unleaded gasoline, mineral spirts, oil, and anti-freeze.

Permatex Marine H2 Hold Epoxy sticks and cures under water and is well suited for fixing portable water tanks, fuel tanks, drains, boats, and other components exposed to water. It has an industrial strength of up to 4000 PSI and is effective in both salt and fresh water.

Permatex 500° High Heat Epoxy is very effective for underhood automotive applications and seals against common liquids, gasses, and automotive fluids. With a 2500 PSI strength, it can bond together a wide range of hard plastic, ceramics, glass rubber and more.

Permatex Wood Epoxy incorporates cellulose, the primary substance on the cell walls of green plants, to work like natural wood and outperform standard wood glues. It requires less clamping than standard wood epoxies and can be sanded, stained, or painted.

Permatex Black Plastic Welder works on hard and semi-flexible plastics, aluminum, fibreglass, and a variety of other surfaces. Its weatherproof and UV-stable formulation and colour makes it ideal for automotive trim and bumper applications. When cured, Black Plastic Welder creates a 3500 PSI bond that can be drilled, threaded, machined, or painted.

Permatex Steel Weld Epoxy is a multi-metal epoxy that eliminates the need for welding or brazing. Its steel reinforced formula is excellent for bonding metal-to-metal surfaces. Steel Weld sets in five minutes, cures in 10 minutes to up to 4500 PSI, and is resistant to water and solvents.

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