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Mitchell 1 Enhances Wiring Diagrams
The interactive wiring diagrams of Mitchell 1’s ProDemand allows technicians to look up necessary information to diagnose a component issue without exiting the diagram. (Photo: Mitchell 1)

Mitchell 1 recently announced that in its latest release of the ProDemand auto repair information software, wiring diagrams have been enhanced with exclusive features.

The interactive of the latest wiring diagrams allows them to connect to component information directly. This allows technicians to lookup component repair information from inside the diagram, thus eliminating the need for a second search and increasing efficiency.

When the technician clicks on any component within the wiring diagram, a pop-up menu appears offering options to access more information regarding specifications, component location, connector views and guided component tests, among other things. Information necessary to diagnose the issue can be located without exiting from the diagram.

“The interactive wiring diagrams in ProDemand re-invent the way techs use wiring diagrams, putting complete component information just a click away from right inside the diagram, allowing them to quickly access all the component details they need,” said Gary Hixson, Marketing Manager for ProDemand, Mitchell 1. “Electrical diagnostics can be a real challenge for techs working on today’s advanced vehicles, but these wiring diagrams are going to make their jobs so much easier.”

For the latest interactive wiring diagrams, Mitchell 1 has built on the component-level enhancement that was first introduced in 2019. ProDemand users can find all the content and features that they have become accustomed to.

Additional features of the interactive wiring diagrams include:

  • In the wiring diagrams, the component names in the diagrams act as active links, granting the user direct access to the complete component information.
  • The user will be able to toggle highlighting of associated wires for each component, eliminating the need to click separately on each wire.
  • The software offers a simplified view of complex diagrams. The wires remain highlighted across all the pages till the end of the wire.
  • Mitchell 1 has streamlined navigation by ensuring that zoom and orientation are maintained across multiple pages.
  • When users dive deep into the wiring diagram, they are able to see hidden wires which appear faded instead of vanishing completely. This allows them to look at the big picture and still have all the required details within sight.
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