LIQUI MOLY Introduces New Oil for Jaguar, Land Rover

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LIQUI MOLY Introduces New Oil for Jaguar, Land Rover
LIQUI MOLY’s Special Tec LR 0W-20 is exclusively formulated for Jaguars and Land Rovers; it is not suitable for any other models. (Photo: LIQUI MOLY)

LIQUI MOLY has announced the launch of a new oil specifically formulated for Jaguar and Land Rover—Special Tec LR 0W-20.

Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. has also officially provided the STJLR 51.5122 approval for this oil, a requirement in the latest gasoline engines in Jaguars and Land Rovers.

“0W-20 is a particularly low viscosity motor oil,” says Oliver Kuhn, Deputy Head of the Oil Laboratory at LIQUI MOLY. In a bid to decrease consumption and minimize emissions, the automaker’s engineers employ this as one of their many tactics. An oil with lower viscosity offers less inside resistance and can be pumped more easily. This allows the engine to perform better. Kuhn adds, “The challenge is for such a thin oil to still reliably lubricate the engine even under extreme load.”

LIQUI MOLY has developed the Special Tec LR 0W-20 exclusively for Jaguar and Land Rover and is therefore not suitable for use in any other models. “The two brands used to simply follow the oil specifications of the former owner Ford, but since 2014 they have gone their own way here, which takes them ever further away from Ford,” explains Kuhn.

The oil and additive company notes that the current industry trends point not only towards a preference for lower viscosity oils but also for specialized oils formulated for a smaller scope of usage. This indicates a difficulty for auto service providers and motorists as they try to keep up with the increasing variety of oil types. In order to address this concern, LIQUI MOLY has created an online guide free-of-cost on its website. To view the list of correct oils, the user needs to simply enter the make, model and engine.

Sebastian Zelger, Director LIQUI MOLY USA says, “LIQUI MOLY is proud to be the main motor oil for more and more service shops, As many shops see growth potential by serving niche markets as well, LIQUI MOLY continues to provide specific oils for cars such as Land Rover and Jaguar models. With the LIQUI MOLY Special Tec LR 0W-20 oil, we are extending our distributors’ and shops’ capabilities to serve their customers and grow their business with leading innovation in motor oils and additives.”

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