Guys Night Out at the Garage

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Regina Gardens residents interact with repair staff at Eccles Auto Service, Hamilton, Ont. during the "Guys Night Out" at the garage event. (Photo: Eccles Auto Service)

The staff at Chartwell’s Regina Gardens Long Term Care Residence in Hamilton, Ontario like to provide entertainment and different interesting scenes for their residents.

These include chance for them to do something different, take part in an adventure… just provide a ‘diversion’ in their limited lifestyle.

To do this, the staff came up with a ‘Guys Night Out’ for the men of the residence… and they partnered with Eccles Auto Service in Hamilton. The idea being that the mechanics at Eccles would have the guys over to check out some cars, find out something about automotive technology of today and enjoy a BBQ!

The men from Regina Gardens thoroughly enjoyed the outing and the repair specialists from Eccles certainly deserve a lot of praise for taking the time to interact with the residents and make a difference in their lives.

Congratulations to Regina Gardens staff and Eccles Auto Service for a job well done in connecting these long term care men with other men in their community.

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