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On October 31st, the TOTAL Canada team hosted a private event for current and future Canadian customers at the 2018 AAPEX tradeshow.

A select group of AAPEX attendees met up after the event to wind down and take the time to get to know each other. The AAPEX tradeshow is an intense affair for exhibitors, including the TOTAL team, who manned an impressive booth, as well as those attending, as they try to take in as much as they can by scheduling face time with as many vendors as possible.

“Vendors rarely have time to get into specifics whenever current or prospective customers visit their booths,” explains TOTAL Canada President, Franck Bagouet. “We wanted to invite a select group of AAPEX attendees, exclusively from Canada, to be able to chat in a more favourable setting.”

According to the TOTAL Canada President, the company, which set up shop in Canada back in 2008, is a relative newcomer to the North-American market, which explains the strong presence at the AAPEX event. The Canadian team of the French lubricant manufacturer and distributor was duly represented.

The TOTAL Canada 2018 AAPEX VIP event was a first for the lubricant industry stalwart.

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