Spectra Premium NSCR100 Radiator Surpasses Expectations

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Spectra Premium and Dumoulin Competition engineers headed to the Sebring International Raceway on March 25th and 26th for initial testing of the NSCR100 high performance radiator. The #04 Spectra Premium/Bernier Crépeau/Groupe Bellemare/MIA race car used for the tests will help race crews push the performance envelope even further.

The venue provided the ideal setting to push the NSCR100 high performance radiator to its limits. While the Sebring International Raceway offered a daunting and dangerous mix of uneven surfaces and obstacles, Mother Nature cranked the temperature to nearly 30 degrees Celsius.

“This radiator was designed specifically for race cars, which is a first. The advantage, even on a race track such as Sebring, is undeniable,” explained Spectra Premium Ambassador, Jean-François Dumoulin.

The NSCR100 is lighter and more compact than existing products, with superior engine and oil-cooling performance, even in an environment which was hotter than usual. The Dumoulin Competition team pointed out that it is also easier and quicker to replace.

“Based on the remarkable results of this first test and the data we collected, we are looking at the possibility that we could apply modifications so as to meet the specific needs of the NASCAR Pinty’s series,” added Serge Guénette, VP, Manufacturing Operations, Spectra Premium.

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