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The Future of Fleets Is Electric. Credit: Electric Autonomy

The EV Fleets Pro course was designed to get you and your business EV-ready and EV Fleets Pro powered by Electric Autonomy—great courses to help you get on your way to an electric fleet.

A roadmap to get you from A to EV

Whether you’re worried about the volatile cost of gas and diesel, are looking to get your business on the road to zero emissions, or just want to upgrade your skills around electric vehicle fleets, now is the time. And it’s 100% free to sign up.

Electric Automony created the EV Fleets Course to guide Canadian businesses on the road to fleet electrification, with expert advice, best practices from fleet managers and a clear eye on the pitfalls you might encounter along the way. And it’s all in a single learning program that will equip you with the practical knowledge you need to make the right decisions when looking to bring electric vehicles into your fleet.

Have fun, and enjoy the ride from A to EV.

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You’re a fleet owner, operator, logistics professional, procurement specialist, sustainability stakeholder or executive and want to understand how EVs can benefit both your business and the planet. 

The boot camp will be a great overview and opportunity to bring EV knowledge into the work you do. The course focuses on light- and medium-duty electric vehicles for commercial purposes, whether that’s for your team of delivery drivers, sales reps, project managers, technicians, executives or any other employee who uses a company car. While the course has been designed for Canadian commercial operators, American readers will still find loads of relevant information.

The principles apply to fleets of all sizes, whether you have one vehicle or one thousand.

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Register for free to learn from industry experts, all at your own pace. The course was developed with real-life operations in mind and will help you understand everything from EV charging to vehicle rebates. You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap for converting your fleet to electric vehicles.

These courses are available in English and French.

For help with registration contact us at [email protected].


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