Geotab Data Connector Integrates AI Predictive Safety & Benchmarking Capabilities

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Data to the rescue. Photo Geotab

In 2022, Geotab’s data insights helped commercial vehicles drive 17% more miles on average before experiencing a collision in comparison to 2021.

Building on quality data intelligence and recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Geotab is now able to provide even more reliable data and predictive insights to help fleets make informed decisions to prevent collisions, reduce risk and get drivers home safely.

Introduced in February 2023, Geotab Data Connector (GDC) is having a significant impact on improved business outcomes. GDC easily integrates curated connected fleet data insights into popular business intelligence platforms to provide a clear actionable picture, enabling companies to better manage and measure fleet data for improved performance, such as vehicle health, utilization, fuel consumption—and now, predictive safety and industry benchmarking.

Data intelligence

By employing its expertise in data intelligence and machine learning, Geotab has now incorporated advanced AI-powered predictive safety and benchmarking capabilities into GDC, moving from traditional fleet safety scores to forecasted probability of collision. Then, by comparing aggregated data across Geotab’s customer base of more than 3.7 million subscriptions, the safety benchmarking functionality provides an objective comparison of safety performance, allowing businesses to evaluate their performance against industry benchmarks.

“We have spent the past two decades developing and delivering industry-leading data intelligence capabilities, focusing on providing actionable insights that can help business leaders make informed decisions for maximum impact. As we continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve using breakthrough technologies, we are marrying our data expertise with AI to deliver enhanced predictive insights that can reduce collisions, and most importantly, save lives, directly into our platform,” said Mike Branch, VP of Data and Analytics at Geotab.


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