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Emmanuelle Toussaint has over 25 years of management experience in both private and public sectors, with a focus on transportation for the past decade. A trained lawyer, she previously served as VP of Legal, Regulatory, and Public Affairs for Prevost and Nova Bus, both divisions of Volvo Group. She currently holds the position of VP, Commercialization, at Cleo, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec. Photo Cleo

Operating a fleet of electric vehicles requires more than just purchasing vehicles and installing the infrastructure.

It’s about ensuring and optimizing charging reliability. Discover the benefits of using a smart charging management platform to optimize your fleet charging operations.

What are the features of a smart platform?

Smart charging management platforms allow you to manage your charging stations remotely. Without this feature, charging initiates automatically upon vehicle connection, offering no control. With a smart management platform, you can begin charging at optimal times and regulate power delivery to each vehicle. This approach prevents simultaneous charging, reducing grid-demand spikes and minimizing overall electricity costs throughout the year.

A smart charging management platform is also able to create personalized charging plans for your fleet. This means going beyond the standard power cap for a charging station or site and setting up charging schedules that take into account your electric vehicles’ specific energy needs: usage cycles, departure and return times, route distance, weather forecasts, and more.

Additionally, the platform can send you alerts if there’s an unusual charging stop, a major issue at your site, or if a vehicle hasn’t reached its ideal charge level after a session. It’s like having your fleet operations under a watchful eye, giving you peace of mind.

Benefits that make life easier for fleet managers

  • Charging Reliability: Rest easy knowing that your electric vehicles are always ready to hit the road by monitoring their state of charge and receiving alerts when problems occur.
  • Cost reduction and optimization: Save money by reducing grid demand with optimized charging schedules for your entire fleet.
  • Centralized view of your operations: View all charging activity across your sites from a single dashboard, accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Data Analysis: Dive deeper into your operations with detailed, platform-generated reports on charging sessions and maximum power usage at each charging station.
Keep an eye on your fleet’s charging operations from a single screen. Photo Cleo

Choosing the right platform for your fleet

Look for these characteristics when choosing a smart charging management platform:

  • Agnostic: It’s compatible with most vehicles, charging stations, and technologies on the market.
  • Intuitive: It’s easy to understand and use, ideally offering various user profiles.
  • Scalable: It proposes regular updates and enhancements to meet your operational needs.
  • Secure: It meets development and high-security standards to protect your operations.
  • Reliable: It operates smoothly and is consistently accessible.

If you operate more than one site, opt for a multi-site platform that consolidates all locations into one convenient view.

In short, a smart charging management platform is the key to timely and cost-effective vehicle charging.

Designed in-house by a multidisciplinary team of developers and AI specialists in collaboration with our clients, the Cleo platform is the ideal solution to optimize the process and meet your specific needs.

Explore our plans and take advantage of our welcome offer!



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