Fleetio Adds VMRS Maintenance Categorization Codes

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Fleetio stores and categorizes all of a fleet’s maintenance data. Photo Fleetio

Fleet maintenance software Fleetio has added five VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) Code Keys to its maintenance data categorization capabilities.

This update will enable fleet managers to see the full picture of their maintenance spending, uncover costly trends and optimize vehicle productivity.

VMRS is a robust, industry-standard system for categorizing maintenance activities for fleet vehicles and equipment. With Fleetio, fleet managers can choose to adopt as much or as little of the system as they prefer. This gives users the ability to tailor their experience specifically to their reporting and technician workflow needs. The company has plans to add additional code keys over time, which will unlock even greater insight for users.

The new set of VMRS code keys in Fleetio will allow for clean, consistent data categorization. With deeper insight, and real-time, all-inclusive reporting, fleet managers will be more empowered than ever to make decisions confidently about their maintenance activities.

“System, Assembly, Component, Repair Priority Class and Reason for Repair” code keys are among the new additions Fleetio introduced to its maintenance management offering. These codes will be critical in helping to categorize which major and minor systems have been worked on, down to the component level. Knowing why and when repairs took place is crucial to managing costs and driving productivity amongst fleet assets. In addition to this, Fleetio helps fleets more accurately understand their maintenance spend by classifying service as Scheduled, Non-Scheduled or an Emergency through its Repair Priority Class Code Key feature. Fleetio stores and categorizes all of a fleet’s maintenance data, ensuring that reporting is accurate, while allowing access to everything a fleet manager needs in one centralized location.

“Fleetio’s VMRS Maintenance Categorization features have been a game changer for my organization. We now can organize better data sets for reporting, which has helped us pinpoint problem areas and their associated costs,” says Ernest Acevedo, Director of Fleet Maintenance and Onboard Technologies at Boyle Transportation.