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NAFA’s new regional governance structure comprises eight distinct regions covering the U.S. and Canada. Photo NAFA

New format is designed to expand opportunities for members.

NAFA Fleet Management Association has officially announced a new regional governance structure, moving the association away from its current chapter format.

The aim is to create greater value for association members by delivering a more positive experience for them. A multi-year effort, the plan was developed by NAFA’s leadership team, staff and members. The new regional governance structure was designed to enable NAFA members to make the most of their membership, regardless of where they happen to be located. Another objective in switching to the new format is to reduce the workload of volunteers, enabling them to spend more time focusing on productive learning and networking opportunities for members in their particular area.

Eight regions

Approved by NAFA’s board of directors earlier this year, the new regional governance structure will be rolled out in 2023. It integrates both Canadian and U.S. operations into eight distinct regions that encompass both countries. These are the Northeast (which includes the Atlantic provinces and Quebec), the Midwest region (which includes Ontario), the Midwest region (that includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut), the Northwest (including Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, and the Yukon), as well as South East, South Central and South West that encompass the southern U.S. states.

According to NAFA CEO Bill Schankel, the new regional format will provide “a consistent and positive member experience at the local level across North America for all members. Opportunities exist for you to be involved at a leadership level, whether that is on the regional council or as part of a more locally-focused committee the council creates.”

Local meetings

Schankel also notes that local get-togethers will also remain an important part of the membership experience, though the new format is designed to provide access to a much wider array of content ideas, best practices, and speakers, plus opportunities to have live-stream content from around each region, as well as the ability to continue conducting hyperlocal events.

For more details on the new regional restructuring, click here.


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