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We have to think about the safety and health of the operators. PHOTO Jack Lucas Smith / Unsplash

As part of its virtual health and safety presentations, NAFA discussed the importance of a culture of prevention in the workplace.

From the start, the importance of changing the perception of occupational health and safety policies within parks was identified. The approach needs to move from feeling watched to sharing concern for employee health. The employee must feel that the company cares about them and that it puts parameters in place to prevent accidents or illnesses.

According to NAFA’s analysis, driving fatigue, stress and poor nutrition have an impact on the development of disease and the occurrence of accidents. Obviously, the absence of a worker for health reasons has an immediate impact on the operations and productivity of the entire team.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the importance of decontamination of vehicles, especially if they are shared by several users. According to Mark Foster of Purifyd Systems during his presentation, these sanitary practices should be maintained at all times.

“Taking the time to decontaminate a vehicle, with the right products and protocols, before putting them back on the road is an important step in disease prevention. COVID is just one of the many sources of contamination present in a vehicle. For example, there have been problems with harmful mold in the ventilation system of newer vehicles. Users appreciate the time spent on proper decontamination; it demonstrates the company’s commitment to health and safety. The operation, which has to be a 360-degree approach – which means not just cleaning surfaces with a wipe – only takes a few minutes.”


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