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NAFA has announced a Green Garage Contest, open to Fleets in both Canada and the U.S. PHOTO General Motors

Open to fleets in both Canada and the U.S., the Green Garage Contest is designed to bring together environmentally committed fleets to share eco-friendly best practices regarding fleet vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Whether it’s waste-oil heating systems, solar panels on the building the objective is for contestants to share innovative and simple ways that make their maintenance garage more eco-friendly.

The aim is that through initiatives like these, building architects and engineers can incorporate “green” technologies and environmentally friendly aspects into the building design and construction phases—everything from greater use of natural lighting to rainwater capture and reuse, permeable pavement, service bays with pit-less lifts and environmentally friendly fluid disposal and collection systems.

Additionally, contestants are also encouraged to share eco-friendly service practices including purchasing greener products such as non-toxic plant-based cleaners, lubricants and degreasers.

The contest runs until October 29 with the winners announced in early December.

For more details, visit awards.nafa.org.

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