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Three key steps will accelerate the transition to hydrogen.

Speaking at the Hydrogen Council CEO Meeting in Paris, Hyundai Motor Group Executive Vice Chairman and Hydrogen Council Co-chair Euisun Chung identified the three key steps neede in order to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen society:  Reduce costs, create a comprehensive safety management system and foster broad acceptance of hydrogen.

Cost reductions, Chung said, could be achieved through technological innovation and are a must in all sectors of the hydrogen industry, including production, storage, distribution and application.

A comprehensive safety management system throughout the entire hydrogen value chain is critical in order to convince the general public that hydrogen is a safe fuel.

Finally, to foster a broad acceptance of hydrogen, Chung said governments and policymakers need to promote the vision of a hydrogen society and the opportunities it will create. 

Chung also praised the Council’s progress. “We deserve to be proud of our achievements so far, only three years after Hydrogen Council was born,” he added. “Today, we’ll take stock of our progress, and reflect on our assessments to forge our strategy for this year and beyond.”

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