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Economic Insight: Recessions vs Resilience

Interest rates are up, but consumers are still ahead In these times, a good description would be “Battle of the R-Words,” as in Recession versus Resilience.…

New Car Sales Stats: Bucking the Trend

While Canadian sales figures are down, a few anomalies are bucking the trend. Global Automakers of Canada (GAC) recently published their new vehicle sales stats for…

Galaxy Motors: Always in Step with the Times

Small dealership now largest independent in British Columbia. In 1990, Phil Dagger couldn’t resist the opportunity to buy a small used car dealership in Victoria, and…

Charles Drouin Named CASMA President

At its annual meeting a few days ago, the Canadian Auto Show Managers Association appointed the CEO of Mobilis Corporation and General Manager of the Quebec…

Mid-2022 Sales Numbers: Still Declining

Bad news persists, but things could even out in the coming months. Having passed the halfway mark of 2022, the latest new car sales numbers aren’t…

Dealers Battle Catalytic Converter Theft

Retailers are going to extreme lengths in order to deal with a spike in crime. Catalytic converter theft is on the rise in North America. According…

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Auto Canada Dealerships – We’ve Got You Covered

As each Canadian auto dealer strives to address the challenges facing our industry, Canadian AutoJournal is there to help. Whether you’re responsible for some of the largest auto dealer groups in Canada, or whether you manage one of the smaller dealerships in Canada, as a decision maker, we know you trust Canadian AutoJournal to keep you informed and educated. We cover the entire industry, delivering auto dealer news, and reporting on a broad range of issues – from safety and recall updates to finance, management, technology and beyond.
From the largest car dealerships in Canada, to the multi location automobile dealership, to the small family-owned single-location store, we address the concerns and struggles dealerships in Canada face as our industry continues to evolve, and as the entire market shifts, in all provinces in Canada. Whether you’re a car dealer operating out of a single store, or you manage brands in 8 provinces through a successful group, you’ll find valuable insight and advice from our roster of industry experts and leading columnists.

Canadian Auto Dealer – The Bigger Picture

While we eagerly and expertly cover the retail side of the automotive business, we know that dealerships in Canada do not operate in a vacuum. Rather, regardless of the location, automobile dealerships are part of a larger automotive ecosystem. This ecosystem includes fleet. The largest car dealerships in Canada realize this, which is why they often have dedicated staff for their fleet customers. And while brands like Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Chrysler Dodge, to name but a few, have often been go-to brands for fleet customers, our coverage of the fleet world includes the entire OEM spectrum, and in all the provinces in Canada.
We also realize that Canadian auto dealers sell and service tires, which is why we discuss the tire market in-depth in order to keep car dealers on top of emerging tire trends. And while collision repair work is often farmed out to third parties, we know that a growing number of dealerships in Canada are bringing the work in-house. Here again, we bring the latest news to decision makers in all the provinces in Canada. Wherever you do your collision repair, we’ve got you covered with the latest news, insight into new processes and technologies, as well as safety and recall updates.
Finally, we cover the vast world of the aftermarket, because we know that even the largest car dealerships in Canada compete with the small garage down the street. Our in-depth news coverage, coupled with feature articles and insight from our columnists have one goal in common: to keep today’s dealers ahead of the learning curve, and on top of trends and emerging challenges. Whether you run a single store or are part of a dealership group currently operating multiple locations across Canada, you can count on us to bring you the latest news, along with industry-leading insight.