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With more windows than walls, the new 50,000 sq. ft. facility features a new open-concept design. Photo Mercedes-Benz Kelowna

This new design concept showcases the brand’s vision for the future.

Mercedes-Benz Kelowna recently celebrated the grand opening of a brand-new facility. In early March 2024, the store was officially open for business, featuring a new design concept developed by the Mercedes-Benz Design Team in Stuttgart, Germany.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the Kelowna store showcases the brand’s vision for the future of automotive retail. The stunning new looks and the brand’s innovative new retail concept made their Canadian debut at Mercedes-Benz Kelowna.

With more windows than walls, the new 50,000 sq. ft. facility features a new open-concept design that keeps spatial boundaries to a minimum, which in turn fosters a feeling of spaciousness, openness, and transparency.

According to Mercedes-Benz, “The new retail concept turns the showroom into a theatre stage, making customers and vehicles the true stars of the show.”

“Customers at Mercedes-Benz Kelowna now have the opportunity to experience the brand on a new level with every visit to the dealership,” says Andreas Tetzloff, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Canada. “The Team at Mercedes-Benz Kelowna has invested in the future of automotive retail and enhanced the dealership experience for our customers in the process.”

Reinventing retail

With this new retail experience, Mercedes-Benz is reinventing the way customers interact with dealership staff, and with the vehicles in the showroom. The difference between a traditional dealership experience and this new approach to customer service is evident the moment a visitor enters the building.

Instead of a traditional reception desk, customers are greeted in a more informal and relaxed seating area by what Mercedes-Benz calls a “Star Assistant.” This is a newly created role, and the Star Assistant’s job is to foster a welcoming atmosphere, create a positive first impression, determine each customer’s needs or goals, and then introduce them to the staff member best suited to care for those needs or goals.

That same non-traditional approach is seen throughout the sales process. For example, during a vehicle walk-through, the sales team is encouraged to use media assets and mobile devices to enhance the sales presentation. In fact, in this particular store, a total of eight large screens are available to display dynamic video content.

In addition, the showroom floor in this store isn’t cluttered with an assortment of sales desks. “All administrative tasks have been shifted to back-office areas of the dealership, allowing space that was formerly occupied by sales desks to be given back to the customer, therefore enhancing the customer experience with the vehicles in the showroom,” explains Stephanie Ramey, National Manager of Network Development and Customer Experience at Mercedes-Benz Canada.

The goal is to change the way customers think about buying a vehicle. It’s no longer about the sale; it’s about the experience. “The new store concept combines media, people, and processes to create a new retail format based on the digitalization of processes and usage of new digital tools,” Ramey adds. “Technology facilitates communication amongst dealership staff, supporting a shift from ‘point of sales’ to ‘point of experience.'”

The store leverages the power of technology in order to make each customer’s experience more immersive and personal. “At Mercedes-Benz, the customer experience will always be a top priority,” Ramey adds. “Retail is often where the first face-to-face physical interaction occurs with our customers. It is therefore an essential touchpoint for establishing a more personalized connection with our customers and demonstrating our understanding of their needs.

“In the new retail format, personal and traditional services, such as a warm welcome, friendly rapport with your sales consultant, etc., are paired with new digital touchpoints, such as digital media screens and mobile tools that can enhance any vehicle presentation. As a result, it’s possible to create a tailored experience for every customer.”

The showroom floor in this new store isn’t cluttered with an assortment of sales desks. Photo Mercedes-Benz Kelowna

Lounge areas

Mercedes-Benz is changing the way salespeople interact with customers. Instead of the traditional, “Let’s go sit at my desk,” approach, Mercedes-Benz Kelowna encourages a more relaxed atmosphere.

Customers can chat with staff in one of the specially designed lounge areas found throughout the showroom, which allows sales and service conversations to take place in a relaxed setting. Customers who prefer a more traditional approach, however, can take the conversation into one of the closed offices, where they can work out details in a more private setting.

“The team at Mercedes-Benz Kelowna has always been passionate about providing an ownership experience that is equal to the iconic vehicles we sell,” says Adam Rich, General Manager, Mercedes-Benz Kelowna. “Now, we are proud to be the first location to introduce this new retail concept in Canada. Not only is it a beautiful facility, but its thoughtful, innovative design facilitates a premium Mercedes-Benz experience for every customer who visits our location.”


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