Column from automotive experts

Price and Supply Headwinds

It’s still going to take time for auto sales to return to pre-pandemic levels. While Canadian auto sales through the first half of 2023 are higher…

An Opportunity for the Future

Filling the technician shortage requires multiple strategies. One of the most pressing issues facing our industry is a shortage of qualified and skilled service technicians. This…

The Sequential Logic

A revolutionary strategy. Fall strategic planning! Synchronising the tire period is an intelligent and well-thought-out strategy. The service department will be welcoming active customers over a…

EVs: Can We Afford Them?

In reality they are more expensive than we might realise. An internet search yields commentaries about the high price of EVs compared to ICE vehicles. A…

Improving the Image of Car Dealers

The excellent work done by the Corporation des concessionnaires automobiles du Québec (CCAQ) in preparing a manifesto on best practice is in line with the vision…

Serial Shock Environment

Many economic factors are improving, but “volatility” has become the new norm. We’re living in a world where we can sometimes say “Good news is bad…

Resource Transformation and Mobilization

The experience of the future! We’ve long been talking about flying, transformed, connected and electrified vehicles. A number of researchers have spoken out on the subject,…

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Column from automotive experts

As the auto industry continues to evolve, our readers continue to depend on us, and our full roster of industry experts and columnists, to keep them informed. Whatever the topic, from electric vehicles to supply chain challenges to CRM solutions like Salesforce and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Our team is ready to inform and educate, so whether you’re concerned about your company’s carbon footprint or simply trying to boost auto sales, get ahead of the electric vehicle market, or improve the customer experience, we’re here to help. Although we can never be sure about what the future brings, our readers can be certain that our editorial team will be on top of things. For example, over the past few years, Canadian auto sales have seen ups and downs, and we’ve witnessed a tremendous upheaval in used car prices, leaving many dealers struggling to keep their used-car lots stocked with vehicles. Our team was there to shed light on the matter. Consumer behavior is changing, as are consumer expectations. Customer satisfaction and customer retention have never been more important. Here again, our team is ready to offer insight as buying patterns migrate from ICE vehicles to hybrid vehicles to electric motors and beyond.

Battery electric

As consumers embrace electrification, the conversations your sales and service staff will have with them will change over time. Rather than discussing fuel economy numbers and which fossil fuels will meet their needs, your staff will be talking about which rechargeable battery is best, whether or not a Level 2 charger is recommended, what kind of Li-ion battery or EV battery is ideal for their needs, and how to leverage the power of the electrical grid. Your staff will need to understand these concerns, as well as offer the kind of customer support needed to help these new types of customers along on their journey to car ownership. So whether you’re planning marketing campaigns, embarking on a more robust sales management agenda or positioning your dealership for the next bold strategic marketing move, our columnists can help you see what’s over the horizon. After all, zero emission vehicles seem to be the future.

Other challenges

In the meantime, there are other challenges to deal with. We know that used-vehicle prices will eventually level out, global auto sales will pick up, and that greenhouse gas emissions and energy security are only part of a bigger picture. This bigger picture includes taking care of your current customers—those who don’t own hybrid cars or electric cars. So whether they need something as mundane as battery maintenance, or they stop by your store for summer or winter tire season, if they’re a loyal part of your customer database, they’ll likely keep coming back for service, and even perhaps to purchase their very first battery electric vehicle (BEV). How will you transition from selling and servicing ICE vehicles to selling and servicing BEVs? It’s a long road, and a complex switch, but our team of experts and columnists is here to help you tackle the big issues.