Volkswagen Canada Launches Pollution-Eating-Paint Murals

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Volkswagen Canada's Pollution-Eating-Paint Mural. Photo Volkswagen Canada

To celebrate the arrival of spring and to underscore the brand’s commitment to sustainability, Volkswagen Canada is launching the first of three commissioned pollution-eating paint murals to contribute to cleaner air and a more sustainable future.

Beginning this week, the first mural will be available to view at 144 Ossington Avenue in Toronto, showcasing the work of local artist Ronaldo. The three commissioned murals will cover 5,600 sq ft. of otherwise blank wall space with revolutionary pollution-eating paint that absorbs carbon dioxide.

This initiative is part of the most significant transformation phase in Volkswagen’s history – the pursuit of sustainable mobility for all. In the process of the global brand’s transition, Volkswagen has saved more than 850,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide globally since 2017 and is on track to decrease its dealer network’s carbon footprint by 30%, by 2030.

“We’ve made significant progress as an organization and it’s become second nature to consider the sustainability and environmental impact of our work for the future of mobility,” says Edgar Estrada, the brand’s newly appointed President of Volkswagen Brand, Canada. “These murals serve as a visual and engaging representation of our vision for a greener city and a greener world – where even street art helps to reduce carbon emissions.”

In addition to three commissioned murals, Volkswagen is taking it one step further with a donation of paint to Calgary’s BUMP Festival. This donation will be in the form of pollution-eating paint that will contribute to one of the festival’s large-scale murals in 2024, as part of an accessible and sustainable public art exhibit.

Viewings in Toronto and Edmonton

Canadians can view Volkswagen’s second and third murals at 1149 Queen Street West across from the Drake Hotel in Toronto, and at 10025 106 Street NW, southwest of Edmonton’s downtown core, which will both go live on May 6.

Beyond the art installations, Volkswagen is also prioritizing smaller steps that all Canadians can take on the path to reducing their carbon footprint. The brand has launched a pollution-eating car cover for their new line-up of all-electric ID.4s. Activated by daylight, the titanium dioxide coating absorbs pollutants from the environment, which breaks down into inert organic compounds like water and other basic elements.

The brand has also offered VW owners a zero-waste sustainable car detailing kit including carbon capture car soaps and wheel cleaner, and launched the Carbon-Neutral Net in 2021 to build awareness and offer education about sustainability and the carbon emissions created through online search engines and websites.

“Volkswagen Canada is thrilled to celebrate the season and share our commitment to sustainability with Canadians,” says Lynne Piette, Director of Marketing for Volkswagen Canada. “We can’t wait to see these living works of art doing good in communities across Canada.” Learn more about the murals, and the steps Volkswagen is taking towards a more sustainable future by visiting www.vw.ca.



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