Hyundai Canada and Dealers Raise $64,430 at 360°Kids Fundraiser

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Hyundai Canada and its York Region dealers raised $64,430 at this year’s 360°Experience Challenge to help combat youth homelessness. Photo Huw Evans

Corporate executives spend a night on the street to raise money and spread awareness about youth homelessness.

In Canada today, youth homelessness is a big problem. Almost every community across the country is impacted by it. Shelters are overflowing and often, young people especially, are left out on the street. In fact, 20% of all homeless people are aged 18-24.

Raising awareness

This isn’t lost on the automotive retail industry. In fact, there are a number of organizations out there that are working hard to raise awareness about youth homelessness, as well as raising money to give young people a chance to rebuild their lives. One of them is Hyundai Canada, which along with its York Region dealers in Ontario continually commit to raising money and awareness for youth homelessness by partnering with local non-profit 360°Kids. This year, Hyundai Canada and its York Region dealers raised $64,430 by participating in the annual 360°Kids Experience fundraiser.

For 33 years, 360°Kids has been helping young people access safe, supportive housing, from single one night stays up to three years of accommodation. Each year, 360°Kids organizes a fundraiser where participants not only raise money, but also spend a night out in the cold of winter, to help understand the trials and tribulations facing homeless youth in our communities.

For the last three years, Hyundai Canada’s executive team have joined in the fundraiser by spending a cold night out on the streets. That participation has since expanded with additional team members joining in as well as dealers, including Don Valley North Hyundai staff.

Every community

“Homelessness is in every town and every community,” said Don Romano, President & CEO of Hyundai Canada. “We are grateful for the services that 360°Kids provides for York Region. They are the unsung heroes of the community and their work results in crucial support for youth in having the things that many of us take for granted including food and warm, safe, shelter.”

Romano, along with other key Hyundai executives including Kirk Merrett, Director of Human Resources and Administration, and Eric Marshall, Director, Genesis Canada, bundled up and headed out to take part in the overnight 360 Experience Challenge, spending the night out on the streets of York Region.

The funds raised at the 2024 360° Experience Challenge contribute to the goal set by 360°kids and will assist with critical support programs and services that help over 2,500 young people each year. In 2023, 360°kids provided 16,523 bed nights to youth, supported 201 young people to receive direct housing support as well as providing employment programs to 399 individuals and counselling support to 304 youth.

Powerful demonstration

“This year’s 360°Experience event was a powerful demonstration of our community’s commitment to addressing youth homelessness,” stated Clovis Grant, CEO, 360°kids. “Hyundai’s participation and enthusiasm not only raised vital funds but also sparked important conversations, amplifying awareness about the realities faced by homeless youth.”

Hyundai’s Don Romano stated it was important the message gets out and awareness continues to spread regarding youth homelessness in Canada.

“There are many factors that cause people to become homeless and as we learn by spending a night out on the streets ourselves, we get to experience how difficult that can be. While it is great for us to be here, in our community and with our local dealers, raising money for such a great cause, we want to see every dealer in every community looking for opportunities like this to help out. There are kids out there that need our help, and we’ve proved that we can make a difference. Whether it’s an organized event like this, or an individual donation to one of the shelters, or providing and serving food to the homeless over the holidays, there are all kinds of things we can do. And so, we ask that dealers and OEMs get involved, because they can make a big difference in helping tackle one of Canada’s most pressing issues.”

As part of this year’s 360°Experience, Hyundai Canada Corporate Executives spent a cold night out on the streets. (L-R) Kirk Merrett, Eric Marshal, Marilyn Romano, and Don Romano. Photo Huw Evans



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