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The E-Ray shares its wide-body proportions with the Z06. Photo GM

This is the quickest production Corvette in history.

Last year, GM celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Corvette with a bang by introducing the Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray to the world. Part muscle car, and part EV, this new purebred athlete packs a massive punch.

“In 1953, the enthusiastic reaction to the Chevrolet Corvette concept created seven decades of passion, American ingenuity and performance,” said GM President, Mark Reuss when the company first announced the new electrified model in early 2023. “E-Ray marks an inflection point: The first electrified, all-wheel-drive Corvette expands on the promise of what Corvette can deliver.”

Fast forward to 2024, and deliver it does! The E-Ray’s 6.2L V8 boasts 495 hp, 470 lb.-ft. of torque, and is coupled to a powerful electric motor that offers an additional 160 hp and 125 lb.-ft. of torque. This translates into a combined total output of 655 hp, and an impressive 0-96 km/h (0-60 mph) of 2.5 seconds. According to GM, The E-Ray is “the quickest production Corvette in history.”

All models come with an all-wheel drive and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. No manual transmission option is available. The E-Ray’s standard Active Fuel Management system uses the electric motor to extend four-cylinder operation in a variety of driving scenarios in order to reduce fuel consumption.

The non-hybrid hybrid

While Chevrolet never uses the word “hybrid” to describe the E-Ray, that’s essentially what this sports car really is: a hybrid. It’s not a plug-in hybrid, however, which means you’ll never see one plugged into an outlet at someone’s home or at a charging station. Like all hybrids, the E-Ray’s battery is charged via regenerative braking or from coasting during normal day-to-day driving.

The electric motor powers the front wheels only, and the E-Ray has a handy “Stealth Mode” setting, which enables all-electric driving. This mode can be selected at start-up, allowing the E-Ray to drive for short distances on electric power alone at a maximum speed of 72 km/h. This is ideal for early morning starts when you don’t want to rouse the neighbours from their sweet slumber with the growl of a massive 6.2L V8.

Stealth mode is maintained until the speed of the E-Ray exceeds 72 km/h, whenever additional torque is needed, or whenever the E-Ray’s battery pack is depleted.

Muscular stance

The E-Ray shares its wide-body proportions with the Z06 and is actually 3.6 inches wider overall than the Stingray. It comes with staggered 20- and 21-inch wheels, low-profile rubber (front: 275/30ZR20, rear: 345/25ZR21), and a custom Brembo carbon ceramic brake system, as standard equipment.

The 2024 E-Ray is available in two flavours: coupe and convertible. In Canada, the coupe has a starting MSRP of $150,316 while the convertible weighs in at $161,116.

At that price point, however, potential buyers have a lot of options and a lot of choices. Why would consumers choose the E-Ray over the competition? According to Michelle Burnham, Senior Manager, Product Communications, Chevrolet Canada, the E-Ray stands apart from the competition as unique and quite special.

“Corvette E-Ray is the only sports car pairing two separate propulsion systems to provide naturally-aspirated V8 power with electrified responsiveness, making it one like none,” Burnham says. “The E-Ray features unique styling, technology, and the best of GM engineering, all brought to life in a tech-forward performance car that takes Corvette into the future.”

While potential customers can view Chevrolet’s website for a better look at the E-Ray, Burham says that the brand is planning to promote the vehicle with a more hands-on approach this year.

“With E-Ray, we focus on experiential opportunities where performance-minded customers can get into the vehicle,” she says. “This includes auto shows and the Chevrolet display at the Chevrolet Grand Prix at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.”

Corvette buyers expect a premium and luxurious interior. Photo GM

Target demographic

The E-Ray no doubt appeals to die-hard Corvette fans. “E-Ray customers are expected to be a new class of Corvette enthusiasts,” Burnham adds. “They want their performance cars to be as premium as luxury vehicles and strive to live in the moment. These customers want their vehicles to have the latest technology, impressive driving dynamics and handling, as well as cutting-edge performance.

“Our target customer will buy the E-Ray due to its suite of advanced technologies, electrified propulsion, powerful engine, and premium and customizable style.”

The first retail production E-Ray raised USD 1.1 million for charity at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction last year. The rest of the Corvette fans can now order their E-Ray models from a certified Corvette dealer. The first deliveries were slated for early 2024.


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