AutoTrader Canada & London Dynamics Reshape Car Buying Experience for Canadians

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AutoTrader Pivot powered by London Dynamics. Photo autoTRADER.ca

AutoTrader.ca, Canada’s largest automotive marketplace, and London Dynamics, a product visualization and augmented reality (AR) scale-up, have partnered to reshape the future of online car shopping.

The partnership aims to offer OEMs and retailers a new level of consumer engagement and interaction through AutoTrader Pivot, a game-changing immersive and interactive online car shopping experience.

AutoTrader Pivot

AutoTrader Pivot leverages London Dynamics’ state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) technology to generate rich and interactive 3D visualizations of vehicles for both OEMs and retailers. These multi-dimensional models will allow prospective car buyers to explore vehicles in fine detail, through a complete 3D exterior view and a comprehensive interior showcase.

Synergy and strategy  

“AutoTrader Pivot directly aligns with our mission of helping Canadians buy and sell cars, quickly and with confidence, by delivering the automotive retailer showroom to any device, through an immersive and interactive car shopping experience,” said Benoit Laforce, General Manager of AutoTrader Media. “We are thrilled to bring London Dynamics’ leading technology to the car buying experience, and we’re excited about what this means for our industry partners.”

“Our collaboration with AutoTrader Canada is a strategic synergy aimed at supercharging the online car buying journey, through a focus on integrating 3D and AR visualization into Canadian online platforms to allow potential buyers to have a detailed look at vehicles, just like in a physical dealership showroom,” added Michael Valdsgaard, CEO and Founder of London Dynamics. 

This partnership not only bolsters AutoTrader Canada’s position as a digital leader in the automotive industry but, moreover, signals a substantial advancement in the role of 3D visualization and AR technology in the car buying journey overall.

For more information on AutoTrader Pivot, please visit: go.trader.ca/Pivot.


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