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Kimoby is a North American cloud-based Business Instant Messaging solution. PHOTO Kimoby

From test drives to intelligent shuttles, Kimoby’s ACE Marktplace will offer a suite of on-demand services to take customer experience to new heights.

Kimoby, a North American cloud-based Business Instant Messaging solution (Biz IM) that streamlines internal business operations and provides innovative customer service solutions, recently announced its acquisition of ACE Marktplace.

ACE Marktplce is an end-to-end connected vehicle platform with a suite of digital solutions that span many dealership needs. The acquisition will expand Kimoby’s mission to deliver impeccable customer experience solutions through dealership service departments across the automotive industry.

ACE Marktplace is a white-label productivity platform that makes it easy for automotive OEMs, dealers, and dealer groups to integrate and offer select on-demand services under one branded solution. Powered by Telematics, AI, and Machine Learning, the tools generate previously untapped revenue through smarter insights and connected vehicle solutions, helping manufacturers and dealerships adapt, scale, and reshape the future of their customer service.

Improving the customer experience

ACE Marktplace was created by Policaro Group, a family-owned operation and one of Southern Ontario’s leading luxury auto retailers. The group’s dealerships have utilized ACE software, with much success for over two years and will remain Kimoby’s innovation partner, providing a test bed for future product development.

“These tools were designed out of a need to fill gaps in process and more importantly, improve our customer experience,” says Francesco A., co-founder of ACE Marktplace and Vice President of Operations at Policaro Group. “This is our vision of a smarter, frictionless customer experience. We’re thrilled to have Kimoby take that vision further and grow these solutions to serve the industry at large.”

In 2013, Alex Wojcik, VP of Sales and Co-Founder of Kimoby, and Ismael Meskin, Kimoby’s Product Manager and Co-Founder, saw an early opportunity to improve communications within the automotive industry. Since then, they have been dedicated to developing an instant messaging platform. Kimoby has saved service departments significant amounts of time, money and resources, and allowed them to reroute their focus into their customer experience, new revenue opportunities and loyalty challenges.

Today, Kimoby’s cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with DMSs to help businesses do more with less. Using a company’s existing data and resources, Kimoby makes it easy to boost engagement and sales with automated marketing, to offer easy, safe and secure mobile payments with advanced fraud protection, and giving staff the tools they need to provide instant, personalized and exceptional customer service experiences.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Kimoby has helped its clients grapple with the exogenous forces that slowed almost all buyer activity. The pressure for tech-empowered solutions remains at an all-time high; across all industries, consumers are managing most of their relationships
online. The auto industry needs a fast and effective way to meet consumers’ expectations of effective digital service.

“This is a breakthrough in automotive service,” says Alex Wojcik. “Customer convenience has never mattered more than it will in this next phase. These tools will help any department services offer a stellar customer experience and improve their retention strategy while creating new revenue streams.”



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