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genesis gv60
Genesis Reveals GV60 Electric Crossover. PHOTO Genesis

Genesis revealed exterior and interior images of GV60, the brand’s first electric vehicle based on the dedicated EV platform known as E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform).

The GV60 is marking the brand’s first move towards electrification.

The exterior

GV60’s exterior design highlights its high-performance image along with a dynamic and smooth appearance.

Genesis delivers its signature design for GV60’s body, bringing the sleek silhouette drivers have come to expect from the brand.

The front of GV60 features a design optimized exclusively for the electric vehicle.

The distinct Two-Line Quad Lamps add character to a refined and voluminous body.

A wider and more athletic Crest Grille has been placed below the Quad Lamps to emphasize the dynamic performance of the vehicle and to increase the cooling efficiency of the high-voltage batteries in the underbody.

GV60 will see a new wing emblem applied to the grille, with the thickness of the emblem reduced by nearly 80 percent from previous models.

It features the same unique Guilloché pattern often seen in luxury watches, representing a culmination of Genesis’ analog sensitivities with high-tech innovations to create truly luxurious driving experiences.

In addition, Genesis has opted for a ‘Clamshell Hood’ for the first time, a single panel that combines the hood and fenders, creating a sleek impression for the EV model by removing lines between the parts.

When viewed from the side, GV60 reveals the smooth and dynamic profile of a high-performance coupe. A simple yet sharp silhouette running from the front hood to the rear spoiler completes a more progressive character.

The chrome line flowing from the windshield to the top of the Daylight Opening (DLO) extends to a C pillar-garnish design that embodies the image of ‘electric’, adding a distinctive characteristic to the EV model.

Meanwhile, an electric door handle enhances a strikingly futuristic image by automatically popping up when you approach the car.

At the rear, Two Line rear combination lamps take on a dynamic shape and flow seamlessly with the voluminous three-dimensional body.

The rear also features a fixed rear wing spoiler to accent a coupe-shaped roof, adding to the image of dynamic high-performance.

Shoulder volume is emphasized in the rear fender to create a low and wide profile and further accentuate the image of high-performance by combining it with technical functions such as various sensors and taillights.

The interior

The interior design of GV60 takes on Genesis’ design ethos of the ‘Beauty of White Space,’ while seeking to create a spacious and comfortable interior.

At the same time, it has embodied a differentiated style with its floating architecture and unique details.

The GV60’s interior design also features the Crystal Sphere, a sphere-shaped Shift By Wire (SBW) that intuitively informs drivers when the vehicle is ready to drive.

When the vehicle is turned off, the Crystal Sphere provides ambient lighting, adding to the aesthetic of the driving experience.

When you’re ready to drive, the sphere rotates and the SBW appears, creating an indoor atmosphere of futuristic mobility.

The floating console, where the Crystal Sphere is located, looks as if it is hovering in the air, working with other unique features such as the slim cockpit and flat floor to provide passengers with a maximum level of openness.

The dashboard inside GV60 is designed in a wide and slim shape to augment the pleasant interior, emphasizing a high-tech atmosphere with a wide-screen integrated indicator (cclC, connected car Integrated Cockpit) that connects with the instrument cluster and AVNT (audio, video, navigation, telecommunication).

GV60 has also epitomized the uniformity of interior design by applying circular details to the Crystal Sphere, horn cover, door handles, and side mirror controllers.

More details including specifications on performance and technology will be announced in the coming months.


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