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Kimoby’s business texting solutions can play a large role in the overall customer satisfaction picture. Photo: Shutterstock

Improve the customer journey in your service department with a touchless experience.

Who could have foreseen a day when face-to-face interactions with customers and a hearty handshake would be taboo? And yet 2020 has forced businesses to adapt to the pandemic, and to offer customers the safe and touchless experience that is a must today.

According to industry experts, the shift in the way we interact with customers is likely here to stay. Today’s consumers are getting used to the convenience of a touchless experience, and they’re not likely going to be eager to do business the “old fashioned way” anytime soon.

The bottom line is clear: Pandemic-friendly services will continue after the pandemic is over. Customers’ experiences and expectations for service have evolved into new business and relationship models that are here to stay.

Touchless customer service

Today’s consumers expect to have a great customer journey, and business texting solutions can play a large role in the overall customer satisfaction picture. Getting the right message to the right audience at the right moment is key, whether that audience is just one customer, or an entire group.

By harnessing the power of business texting, dealers can effectively reach out to a hand-picked audience with marketing campaigns, for example, or a single individual in order to remind them of their service appointment. All with the power of business texting.


A key component of a great customer journey is transparency. For instance, consumers want to know what’s going on with their vehicles when they’re in for service, without having to track down staff at a dealership to see when their vehicle might be ready for pick up.

Here again, business texting can keep customers informed about each step of the repair process. And once the vehicle is on the hoist and a problem is identified, the service department can save the vehicle owner precious time and money by preventing the need for a second trip to the dealership. A simple text can show the customer the problem, send along a quote, and allow the customer to reply back to authorize the repair—all while the vehicle is still on the hoist.

Once the job is done, another text can be sent to request payment, offering the customer the option to pay the bill remotely with a contactless payment solution. Contactless payment solutions are rapidly increasing in popularity, and they’re here to stay. If you’re not offering them at your dealership, you’re not living up to customer expectation.

Here to stay

When you consider the age group of the people shopping for cars today, and how comfortable they are with technology, it makes sense to embrace business texting in order to reach this demographic in the manner they are most comfortable with.

The convenience of business texting and contactless payment solutions are here to stay. Most importantly, leveraging business texting and contactless payment solutions to offer a customer-centric experience will greatly contribute to improving your revenue stream.

Anastasia Gileva is the Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships for Kimoby.

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