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2020 Lincoln Navigator Black Label. Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

Daily life has never been more challenging, leaving many to crave a sense of balance, calm and comfort. To help clients manage the stress and focus on what’s important, Lincoln and Calm are coming together to offer North American Lincoln clients membership to the app’s premium content.

The collaboration kicks off today, ahead of #NationalRelaxationDay on Aug.15.

Ethnographic research shows that meditation and mindfulness is a key part of self-care routines, and as consumers attempt to navigate new and often difficult situations, daily demands can be stressful. To build on its effortless experiences, Lincoln will offer clients a complimentary premium membership to Calm to help them practice mindfulness at home, on the summer road trip with family or as they begin to navigate their daily commutes once again.

“The sense of sanctuary and wellbeing are core to the Lincoln brand and everything that we do for our clients,” said Michael Sprague, North America director, The Lincoln Motor Company. “This collaboration, a first of its kind in automotive, is another way for us to offer something personal to our clients – a sense of calm, balance and rejuvenation so they can focus on what matters most.”

Last year, Lincoln and Calm offered the premium membership to select clients and consumers in a pilot program tested across multiple cities, and the response was overwhelmingly favorable. Among 1,500 consumers surveyed, 97 per cent said they found the Lincoln and Calm mindfulness experience to be positive.

“The one gift that we can all give ourselves is a moment to help us find our balance,” said Matthew McConaughey, actor, producer and longtime Lincoln spokesman. “Life is certainly stressful enough these days, so whether it’s being more mindful, taking five minutes for yourself before the drive home to decompress after a long day, or just being kinder, continue to look after yourself and those around you.”

A calming journey

The mindfulness experience will provide Lincoln clients in the United States, Canada and Mexico with a one-year complimentary premium membership to Calm. The promotion will be available through the Lincoln Way app*, where clients will then be directed to the Lincoln and Calm page and prompted to set up an account.

“Mindfulness studies have shown to increase positive benefits before you get behind the wheel, such as improving focus and staying calm,” said Alex Will, chief strategy officer, Calm. “Together with Lincoln, we’ll offer busy drivers and passengers, a calming journey to relax and renew on the go.”

“Every day, we are challenged to make wellness and personal growth a part of our daily routines,” said Sprague. “We believe our work with Calm will provide a mindfulness option for clients as part of their daily routine – a unique way for them to practice some ‘me time’ ahead of the commute or even in their driveways.”

Crafted, rejuvenating sanctuary

Beauty, human, gliding and sanctuary are at the core of Lincoln’s Quiet Flight DNA. A deep understanding of consumers and how their environment – office, home or even vehicle – can affect mood, senses and overall health allows Lincoln designers and engineers to craft a sanctuary that can positively contribute to their overall health and wellness.

Inspired by a view of the horizon, the Lincoln sanctuary brings a sense of calm and peace. The brand’s focus on horizontal design accentuates space, adding a sense of balance and airiness to the cabin while minimizing visual clutter. Signature technologies enhance the sanctuary, including Lincoln Embrace, a welcoming sequence akin to a warm greeting. Available features such as 30-way Perfect Position front seats minimize stress on the shoulders and neck. The rolling-pattern massage provided by Active Motion® is designed to help reduce muscle fatigue, aches and pains by keeping muscles and blood vessels stimulated in the legs and lower back.

Advanced design and technology intersect

As the focus on overall wellness grows, Lincoln is exploring new ways to bring more health and wellness applications into the vehicle. Lincoln engineers and designers are studying how senses can impact mood, as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

The sense of smell is of special interest, as scents and the power of aromatherapy affect overall mood and even memory. With rigorous testing and careful selection of materials, the team is not only removing unpleasant odours in the cabin, but is exploring how the introduction of warm, pleasant scents can create a personal, inviting space and positively affect the mood of passengers.

“The space that surrounds you has an immense effect on your overall mood, temperament and how you feel,” said Kemal Curic, design director, The Lincoln Motor Company. “Crafting a space that goes beyond traditional – one that is a serene sanctuary, elevates the senses and impacts the client’s mood daily– shows our job as designers is much more powerful than just designing cars.”


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