Reducing the Environmental Footprint of the Collision Industry

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Sylvain Séguin held a number of important roles in the industry before becoming President of Réseau Fix Canada. Photo Sylvain Séguin

When it comes to the environment, our industry does not have the best of reputations. At a time when environmental challenges are multiplying, it’s high time we came to grips with them.

Protecting our environment and reducing the production of greenhouse gases may seem like abstract concepts. However, the reality is that these collective challenges come directly to us in our shops.

First of all, let’s think about the health and safety of our workers, whose great value I don’t need to stress, especially in these times of scarcity. Providing them with a healthy environment, free from toxic fumes and dust and where they are not exposed to corrosive products, is a moral obligation. The greener the company, the more attractive it will be for the new generation of workers.

Restoring our image

Let’s not forget the sad reputation that still hangs over our shops, perceived as polluters that our municipalities want to hide away in the recesses of their industrial parks. You can still see plastic parts removed from cars being repaired sticking out of blue bins… betraying some very sad practices.

The major collision networks also have a huge responsibility in reducing our environmental footprint. We need to set an example and inspire our entire ecosystem. Firstly, by understanding our impact and committing to best practice. This means considering and putting into action a multitude of concrete actions.

We need to review the entire supply chain to ensure that our suppliers and partners are up to speed with this important issue. For example, we want to ensure that the supply chain is as efficient as possible to reduce emissions from unnecessary transport operations. Or, quite simply, reduce our air or car travel whenever possible.

Encouraging inspiring initiatives

Talking about my own organization, we also want to support our franchisees in their efforts to make our profession greener. We see inspiring initiatives springing up in every region of Quebec, and it’s our mission to support them. One example is the installation of solar panels to reduce energy consumption.

We are collectively facing huge environmental challenges. More specifically for our industry, we must undertake changes before they are imposed on us by our partners or our governments.

I sincerely believe in the importance of this commitment to better environmental practices. It’s certainly not the first challenge we’ve faced, and we’ve risen to it with flying colours. I see this as an opportunity for our economic sector to take the lead and improve its much-needed image.


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