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CARSTAR made its first steps in the EV Market by getting a Tesla certification. Photo Adobe Stock

As the changes in technological advancements persist, CARSTAR North Toronto has worked to stay ahead of the curve.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Alan Shek, Owner of CARSTAR North Toronto, has seen it all. However, the changes on the horizon today have brought the store an incredible opportunity.

Consumer adoption of EVs

You don’t need to be an expert in automotive to notice a rising number of electric vehicles on the roads. Data shows exponential growth for sales of electric vehicles (EVs) even within the small window of a few years.

“We first began to notice the shift about three to four years ago but have seen a huge acceleration over the past 24 months, especially among high-end clientele,” shared Shek. “In the past year and a half, EVs have become even more prevalent among the average consumer in the North Toronto region.”

Entering the EV market

What began as an untapped market, has grown to become increasingly popular. Auto repair providers can greatly benefit from entering the EV market. However, they must ensure the repair process is as efficient as it can be for both the consumer and the repairer.

“We chose to earn a Tesla certification and enter the EV market because we saw Tesla as the unopposed industry leader from a technology, manufacturing, infrastructure and even hardware point of view,” said Shek. “Our team recognized that while Tesla is the first to emerge in this market, other companies are following closely behind. Having the Tesla certification now, just helps our team prepare for the future of this trend.”

Hesitation before a big business decision is normal, but for the CARSTAR North Toronto team, levelling up to better serve their community was easy.

“As a company, we have been early adopters of technology for the past 30 years,” continued Shek. “We weren’t sure how employees would initially react, but they quickly understood our rationale and strategy for future-proofing the business and how this pursuit turned us into a state-of-the-art shop.”

Consumer and Technician Response

“I have found that our team is unlike many I have encountered in the collision industry,” said Shek. “They fully embraced this opportunity to learn and step outside of their comfort zone to better serve our clientele. It wasn’t just a ‘figure it out’ approach. We encouraged each other collaboratively and collectively chose to thrive, rather than just survive. Believe it or not, we actually have an influx of candidates who want to work at our location because we’ve been told we provide ‘much more than just a paycheck.'”

The consumer response to more EVs on the road has also been connected to a jump in business for CARSTAR North Toronto.

“After earning the Tesla OEM certification, Tesla has been sending customers to our door every single day!” said Shek. “On average, 60 percent of the vehicles we service are Tesla, and that number has spiked as high as 80 percent.”

Should my business pursue a Tesla certification?

In a world where extraordinary is becoming the average, additional OEM certifications like Tesla is a prime way to place yourself ahead of the competition.

“Achieving the certification was no easy feat, as there were several details that required diligent attention,” said Shek. “I am fortunate that my team’s ‘seize the day’ mindset took hold, and we were seamlessly able to earn our certification. The Tesla team and our CARSTAR corporate team were both passionate, intelligent, seasoned and always willing to support us through the process.”

When should my business get an EV certification?

With EVs quickly becoming the norm, there’s no time to lose!

“Don’t wait!” urged Shek. “Regardless of your feelings on EVs, you cannot change the shift in the industry. Every day, shop owners who tell themselves ‘same old, same old,’ are falling behind. The auto industry as a whole is in the process of a new beginning. The rise of EVs is a revolution, not just an evolution, and we are proud to be on the offensive side of the rink.”


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