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SATA has released a new limited edition—the SATAjet X 5500 True Soul. PHOTO SATA

Limited Edition spray gun showcases talents of airbrush artist Leah Gall.

SATA has announced its latest Autumn Promotion with the introduction of the limited-edition SATAjet X 5500 True Soul.

Featuring unique artwork by legendary American airbrush artist Leah Gall, this latest, special edition spray gun features colourful motifs including dragons, eagles, exotic fish, female figures and skull artwork.

This latest True Soul limited edition spray gun pays homage to the original SATAjet 4000B Heart & Soul with artwork from Leah, introduced a decade ago.

The new SATAjet X5500 True Soul is designed as a fully functional standard format spray gun with available (Additional Digital Air Micrometer) Adam 2 digital retrofit.

It’s designed for daily use in the paint booth and sports HVLP and RP technology, with select I and O nozzle sets and will be available for a limited time and in very limited quantities from September 14 to October 31, 2021.

For more details contact your SATA dealer

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