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New Taping Solution from Norton Saint-Gobain
The Norton Factory Grade Attachment Tape can be used in applications such as modern body side moldings, claddings and roof ditch moldings. (Photo: Norton Saint-Gobain)

Norton Saint-Gobain recently released a new tape solution for automotive repair—the Norton Factory Grade Attachment Tape.

According to the company, the product can be used in situations where items have to be bonded onto the vehicle, for example, moldings, claddings, door edges, emblems, interior trim, rocker panel moldings, and pillar covers, to name a few.

The product is a black double-sided acrylic foam tape that has been designed to deliver high performance. Suitable for exterior and interior moldings and trims, it comes with a blue polypropylene liner that is easy to peel-off.

Norton Saint-Gobain explains that its Factory Grade Attachment Tape is a black adhesive featuring a dark foam core. When used in applications like modern body side moldings, claddings and roof ditch moldings, the tape aids in achieving cleaner site lines. The tape is also equipped with the added ability to match the new OEM part technologies requirements.

Following are the benefits of using the Norton Factory Grade Attachment Tape as listed by the company:

  • The tape allows for versatile adhesive bonds to medium and high-surface energy plastics. The repair technician need not rely on guesswork to select the correct tape for the part.
  • It aids in increasing productivity and improving the speed of assembly. The tape is capable of providing better short-term adhesion on a wide variety of substrates (20 minutes after initial bond).
  • It is possible to achieve better bond to irregular surfaces with the tape since it has excellent conformability.
  • For real-world applications, the tape is designed to resist forces that are commonly associated with loading conditions.
  • The tape has been engineered to remain flexible even at cold temperatures. It is resistant to weathering degradation such as UV and high temperatures.
  • Norton Saint-Gobain has created the tape so that its quality and performance match the standards of OEM parts.

“Today’s finishes are less porous than previous ones this requires a stronger adhering two-sided tape. Now black in colour to be less visible than our other grey attachment tape from before. It also comes in shorter rolls to make it easier to bill the insurance company for the materials used,” notes Andrew J Tabone, Sales Representative, Automotive Aftermarket, Norton Saint-Gobain.

The product is available in the following sizes: 1/4″ x 5 yards, 1/2″ x 5 yards and 7/8″ x 5 yards with the case quantities being 12, 9 and 7 respectively.

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