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Collision repair equipment specialist Spanesi, which distributes cutting-edge solutions to collision repair shops worldwide, is a market leader in innovative solutions.

Founded in 1989, Spanesi’s mission is to improve shop productivity. The equipment specialist featured two innovative products at SEMA. The first product is an all-in-one mobile electronic measuring system that allows users to quickly diagnosis vehicle damage and produce work schedules identifying vehicle components that require dismantling, replacement and repairs. User interface can be performed via tablet, integrated vehicle measuring tool, or by using the impressive virtual reality goggles scheduled to be released in December.

The second new product consists of a lighting system that highlights with great detail the work performed on vehicles. It is an ideal tool for colour-matching, as the light produced is the equivalent of natural outdoor lighting on a bright summer day.

The Spanesi 360° Concept is another noteworthy service offered by Spanesi. Spanesi specialists can help design, organize and equip shops from A to Z, including furniture, thus offering shop owners a real turnkey solution.

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