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Polyvance, recognized as a leader in nitrogen plastic welding repair technology, has introduced the 6049-C Nitro Fuzer Lite.

This new nitrogen plastic welder was designed with affordability in mind and is one of the lowest priced in the marketplace with a MSRP of under $2,000 U.S.)

With nitrogen plastic welding repair technology now fairly established and Polyvance having trained a lot of technicians since 2006, it has turned its attention toward shops that are looking for maximum affordability when it comes to welding apparatus.

The 6049-C is seen as an ideal product for budget-minded body shops since it retains full capability.

To keep the price to a minimum, Polyvance made a number of changes to the Nitro Fuzer Lite. These include:

  • A manual switch between air and nitrogen gas
  • The cart requires assembly by the end user. The welder ships by UPS Ground in two boxes
  • The welder does not come with free courtesy training. It includes a sheet of handy QR codes which technicians can scan with their smartphone for instant, on-demand video training

Additionally, the Nitro Fuzer Lite does also incorporate a number of features found in Polyvance’s more expensive welders such as:

  • Automatic low-flow cutoff to prevent heating element burn-out
  • Precision flow control on both air and nitrogen sides to allow for welding anything from super-thin tabs to heavy truck side panels
  • Analogue flow meter for repeatable welder setup
    13 types of plastic welding rod enabling repair to virtually any automotive plastic, including thermoset polyurethane
  • Quality made in USA nitrogen bottle regulator
  • Heavy-duty, made in USA construction

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