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Polyvance, which specializes in polymer repairs and nitrogen plastic welding, has released a new video on FiberFlex repairs.

In 2000, Polyvance introduced its FiberFlex universal welding rod to the market.

FiberFlex is formulated with carbon and glass fibres for strong repairs on a variety of plastics. It is a hot-melt adhesive that is applied with an airless plastic welder.

FiberFlex is strong by itself, but by combining it with stainless steel wire mesh, the result is an exceptionally strong repair that is hard to break. Technicians can use this combination to repair small parts that are too thin to be welded with a nitrogen plastic welder.

Polyvance recently demonstrate this process in one of its latest videos, using a combination of FiberFlex and 2045 stainless steel reinforcing mesh to repair a vehicle fog light boss.

Polyvance’s 6085, 6085-C, and 6080-CG welders now come with a pack of 2045W Reinforcing Mesh and a pack of R10-04-03-BK FiberFlex welding rods. These are also featured in the company’s Mini Weld Model 7 airless plastic welder. FiberFlex is recognized as the best way to repair PP and TPO bumpers for those shops that don’t have access to a nitrogen plastic welder or it can be used to compliment the capabilities of these welders for shops that already have them.

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