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Sika Automotive, recognized as a leading global supplier to automotive manufacturers, announces the release of a new product for structural reinforcement.

SikaReinforcer-600 is a heat-reactive, expandable adhesive tape for bonding of sheet metal in automotive body assembly.

The product is designed to facilitate the joining of dissimilar sheet metal materials— recognized as a challenging application in automotive body construction—due to varying characteristics of the materials being joined. Mixed material vehicle structures are becoming more commonplace due to tightening vehicle fuel economy standards.

SikaReinforcer-600 tapes show high mechanical properties, can reach up to 40 percent expansion, and come in varying dimensions—aimed to help support body-in-white designers in creating highly complex sheet assemblies. These tapes are also designed to be adaptable to the challenging conditions of various manufacturing processes and are e-coat compatible, washout-resistant, and can adhere to either clean or oily surfaces.

“Initial reactions from the market indicate our customers are convinced about the necessity of the SikaReinforcer-600 products to facilitate future car designs. That sentiment, as well as Sika’s ‘Global, but Local’ philosophy, has driven our decision to make this product readily available through multiple production sites,” said Denis Souvay, Global Product Marketing Manager for Sika Automotive.

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