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Kate Vigneau

Dealing with Delayed Replacement by Kate Vigneau

Fleet professionals definitely understand optimum replacement. It is intuitive that capital costs (depreciation) decrease over time and operating costs go up as a vehicle gets older.…
Chris Hill fleet manager

We’re Coming Norway! by Chris Hill

We may have actually reached the tipping point for wider EV adoption. We’re Coming Norway was the tag line in a General Motors ad prepared for…
Kate Vigneau

Lasting Changes from COVID by Kate Vigneau

The pandemic has significantly altered the way that we conduct our business and personal lives, but when it does finally subside, which of these changes are…

Mobility Mindset by Kate Vigneau

A shift in perspective good provides many benefits for fleet managers. Almost three years ago, I published a column on the Mobility Continuum and what it…

3Ps to Pandemic Survival With Kate Vigneau

The new decade and the COVID-19 pandemic are causing organizations to reassess and re-prioritize. 2020 should be known for the 3Ps –ingenious pivot strategies, partnering for…
Benefits of Centralization

Benefits of Centralization by Kate Vigneau

Centralization is still valid for fleet organizations today. In recent months I have been working on a couple of fleet studies and came across something, and…

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Management column from fleet industry experts

With so many moving parts, fleet management has always been a challenge. Recently, however, fleet managers have been dealing with situations and challenges that have stretched both their abilities, as well as their budgets. From labour and material shortages to the unprecedented increase in the price of used vehicles, fleet managers have their hands full. In addition, these fleet management professionals have to deal with the challenges that electric cars, the EV charger networks they require, as well as the industry’s move towards hybrid vehicles and an electric vehicle fleet. Now, more than ever, fleet management professionals need insight and advice. That’s why so many fleet managers count on our team of dedicated industry experts and columnists to keep them up-to-date and informed. Our team tackles all the tough topics, from best practices when using fossil fuels to battery charging infrastructures for EVs, and everything in between. In short, our team is here to help.


There can be no doubt that our industry is moving towards electrification. A few years ago, who would have believed that we would see electric pickup trucks and that fleets would be looking at fast charging as an option for some applications? Car ownership has changed dramatically, and fleet vehicles no longer fit a traditional mold. The automotive market is changing, and fleet vehicles are along for the ride. Auto makers are charging ahead with new vehicles, new vehicle battery technologies. From electrified passenger cars to electric buses, energy efficiency is paramount as organizations strive to combat climate change, and as they focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Vehicle maintenance & vehicle repair

As fleets undergo a modern EV conversion, and as we rely less on traditional internal combustion engines, fleet management professionals face new challenges. Switching from one fuel to another isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Many questions need to be addressed and answered, especially when fleets reduce emissions, and when the traditional fleet owner enters a new world that’s more aligned with the views and priorities we normally see as the domain of EV owners. For instance, if fleet vehicles no longer run on diesel or gasoline, are fuel cards still necessary? How should vehicle expenses be calculated? Should fleets invest in their own battery charging infrastructure, or should they rely on public charging stations? And what will tomorrow’s vehicle preventive maintenance schedule look like? Oil changes may no longer be necessary, but what kind of EV charging and maintenance items will still be a must? While organizations like NAFA Fleet Management Association or the Supply Chain Management Association can shed light on these questions, our team of columnists and industry experts is here to make sense of all the opinions and best practices.

Fleet efficiency

Fleet efficiency has always been, and always will be, a key issue for fleet managers. Our industry is moving from traditional fossil fuels to a world where fleets can take advantage of electric cargo vans and EV heavy-duty trucks. Let us help you with this transition. The automotive world may be changing, but fleet management professionals can continue to depend on us to provide them with the informative insights they have come to expect from our team of industry experts and columnists.