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Serious About Sustainability

As this article was written it happened to be Earth Day. Not surprisingly, on April 22 many were focusing their attention on environmental and sustainability practices. …
Steve Fletcher

In This Together

OEMs need to understand that practices denouncing the use of salvage parts and restrictive data access harm the entire automotive economy. Recently we’ve seen more attention…
Steve Fletcher

OARA 2022: Bringing Back the Convention

OARA event returns for 2022 with some new ideas and concepts to serve the industry. It’s been two years since the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA)…
Steve Fletcher

Auto Recycling: A Road Map for Plastics

The research agreement between ARC and ECCC aims to study the management of plastics from end-of-life vehicles As part of its focus on the circular economy,…
Steve Fletcher

Salvage Parts and the Circular Economy

OEM position statements that disapprove of the use of salvage parts don’t take into account the impact this has on the circular economy. Recently, another OEM…
Steve Fletcher

Hot Commodity by Steve Fletcher

With end-of-life vehicles in very high demand, recyclers are getting creative when purchasing and recycling them. Whenever we jump on calls or virtual meetings today regarding…
Steve Fletcher

A Growing Theft Problem by Steve Fletcher

Catalytic converter theft and illegal trading are causing all sorts of problems for not only recyclers but the wider economy as well. Since last year, the…

Staying Connected by Steve Fletcher

The pandemic has required a pivotal shift when it comes to networking and events. Like many other sectors, COVID-19 has impacted the automotive recycling business. An…
Steve Fletcher

Greater Collaboration by Steve Fletcher

Over the last decade, we’ve seen vehicle complexity steadily increase, driven by government mandates for better fuel efficiency as well as safety. In fact, it could…

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