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Website Strategies: Landing Pages

Website Strategies: Landing Pages

Harness the power of a brilliant landing page to maximize your ROI. Although you’ve worked hard to ensure you covered your bases when it comes to…

Conference ROI

Are you benefitting from all the conferences you attended in 2019? Most of the 2019 conference calendar will be in our collective rearview by the time…

Creating a “Change Mindset” for 2020

Is your entire dealership team ready for a new way of doing business? I continue to witness the automotive industry evolve, educate and optimize itself, yet…

Marketing: Balloons Suck

When sales slump, forget the helium and turn to technology. “There’s one word that comes to mind when you see a balloon in an ad, excitement!”…

The Mystery of the Persona

This simple shift in your marketing strategy can have a huge impact on your dealership’s success. Many of us understand our “target market” and we actively…

Market Slump: What Not to Do

Three things to avoid in a flat market. It’s clear that the automotive industry is seeing a flattening in the current market, and that’s a cause…

“Thank You” Pages

If all you say is “Thank you” to your online leads, you’re missing out on opportunities that are ripe for the picking. I want to dig…

By the Numbers

2,157,876 reasons to measure everything. If you’re a regular to the back page of Canadian AutoJournal, you know I spent a lot of 2018 squawking about…

The Truth About Data

Before we start buying into reported figures and statistics, it’s essential that we know the rest of the story. Over the past few months, anytime I’ve…

Training & Education: Conference ROI

Harness the power of training, by putting new ideas to good use in your store. By the time this article hits your dealership many of the…


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